41 Easy Group Halloween Costumes For College Perfect for 2021

This post is all about Group Halloween Costumes For College that are perfect for last minute costume ideas for Halloween.

You don’t need to spend much for getting dressed for halloween. In this post, I am sharing 41 Group Halloween Costumes College so you can choose the easiest ones to wear with your girls!

41 Group Halloween Costumes For College: College Halloween Costumes

1. The Greek Goddesses

Source: Pinterest

Looking to turn everyone’s head during the halloween party? Then, this greek goddess look is all you need! Get creative and wear this with your group for halloween 2021, and you’ll surely be the attention seeking gang in the party!

2. Poker Girls

Source: pinterest

Super chic and sizzling! I really like this fun and unique halloween costume idea for groups. It’ll make your group stand out in the crowd.

3. Hawaiian Beach Girls

Fun, easy and great last-minute halloween costume idea for your besties. Try this beach vibe outfit idea if you want to look great with minimum efforts.

4. Chipotle Burritos

Want a different look for this halloween? Try this Chipotle Burritos look with your group.

5. Space Cowgirls

I Absolutely love this one! It’s all sparkle and glittery. You can never go wrong with these glittery outfits for Halloween. Plus, every girl could pick her favorite color outfit.

6. Cops

This is super chic, classy and a complete vibe for halloween parties. It’s different from the regular outfits you see on halloween and the best part is, it’s easy to create for the last-minute.

7. Deer

Such a cute idea, isn’t it? Getting dressed as deer with your bunch of friends sounds fun! Make sure to add the cute deer headbands and the makeup.

8. Toon Squad

Easy, fun and quick outfit idea to try out with your girls. This one is right if you are running short on time and want to get dressed super quickly for the college halloween party.

9. Ghost Busters by Gita W

This is such a classy outfit idea to try! You can even wear shorts instead of these baggy pants to add more vibe.

10. Mummies

Source: pinterest

This could be counted among the hottest college halloween costumes for 2021. You don’t need to spend much to achieve this look.

11. Donna and The Dynamos

Source: pinterest

All white for Halloween? Absolutely!

This is probably the most easy outfit that you can wear with your besties. Try this one for halloween 2021, if you don’t want to spend time getting ready for the party.

12. Frat Boys

This is a funny group Halloween costume if you have a lot of friends. It’s cool, and really simple to put together. Don’t forget to wear the caps, they add the fun to this costume!

13. Fruit Salad

How cute is this?

Totally adoring this dress idea for halloween. I think wearing the same color shoes would make this look even more amazing.

14. Black & White Swans

Love this idea!

It’s so polished, chic and sure to grab all the attention.

The crown adds to the gorgeousness of this costume and I totally love this outfit from the entire list.

15. Stunning Angels

Source: pinterest

Absolutely stunning!

Even if you have a lot of friends, you can recreate this idea. Some of you can choose white and others can choose black color, and go in pair of black and white. Your group will surely look different in the party!

16. Caveman

Tribal vibes! Loving this simple yet unique idea for this fall. Go crazy with the makeup and body paint and have fun creating this Halloween costume with your group.

17. Mean Girls

How can we forget mean girls from this list? If you have a group of 4, then nothing could beat mean girls costume.

18. Ice Cream and Server

Fun, easy and unique idea for group halloween costume. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a simple attire and is not too much into dressing up and putting makeup for halloween.

19. The Hippies

Classic outfit idea for besties! You can use white long tops for this and paint them yourself and have fun! Don’t forget the flower tiara!

20. Hydro flask Bottles

Want a nerdy look for halloween? Go with this one!

It’s colorful, easy and super affordable group halloween costume idea for college.

21. Modern Powerpuff Girls

Are you a powerpuff girl fan like me?

Totally loved this superhero cartoon as a kid! If you have a group of 3, I think this is the best outfit idea to try.

22. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses

Credit: mydiordiary

Harry potter fans?!

Try this gorgeous outfit idea of Hogwarts houses. Even if you are just going with your bestie, you both can pick your favorite house and get dressed like that.

23. Skiiers by JourneyStaggs

Want to wear something cozy, comfy and warm this halloween? Go with the Skiiers look!

Don’t forget to add the beanie, as it’s making the outfit super chic.

24. Unicorn Cuties

Unicorns are so IN right now!

This outfit is really easy and you might already have the items in your closet. Just add the unicorn headband and you are ready to rock!

25. Wizard of Oz

Classic outfit idea that never gets old. Go with this outfit if you have a character theme party.

26. The Holes Cast

Easy, quick and chic. Yes, I am talking about this look from famous “The Holes”. Go extra with the makeup if you want to make it more eye catching.

27. Three Witches by Morgan Hoff

Credit: @morganhoff

Love this costume and the idea! How can we forget witch costumes for halloween?!

You can even carry miniature brooms for the vibe.

28. White Claws

White claws is really loved by everyone in college years. Use this outfit idea, as it never goes out of fashion!

29. Ski Bunnies

Super cute, chic and happy outfit. This is giving more spring vibes to me, but it can be a great look to try something new and unique.

30. Hocus Pocus By Sydney Hoffman

Credit: syd.hoff

Looking for something extremely unique? Go for this Hocus Pocus look.

31. Totally Spies by Jess Cheng

Credit: thejesscheng

This is so modern and classy. I think this idea is great for a group of 3 girls as it’s so easy to recreate.

33. The Disney Princess

Pick your favorite princess and try this costume idea! Great for theme halloween parties.

34. Pirates

Pirates?! Wow

I really love this costume, maybe because I love the Pirates of the Caribbean Series. But it’s so adorable and chic for college halloween party.

35. ’60s Girls

Bring the ’60s vibes back by dressing up like this! It’s an effortless idea and you can put together this costume without spending much.

36. The Incredibles

Source: pinterest

Do you like “The Incredibles?”

Then you’d want to use this idea for Halloween 2021. Just get glitter skirts and black tees and shades. And you are good to go!

37. Dazed and Confused

Want a chic and classy white costume for halloween? Go with this “dazed and confused” look.

38. Risky Business

This one is surely classy, unique and inspired from the Tom Cruise Movie. Great last-minute group Halloween costume idea for the college party.

39. The Retro Fitness Chicks

Neon workout clothes look nice when paired with jackets and sneakers. A perfect look for college halloween events. Effortless Group College Halloween Costumes must have this one for sure.

40. The Rock

Simple, affordable yet classy. This outfit is a totally good option if your group is not willing to put too much efforts into getting ready.

41. Cats

Credit: morganhoff

Imagine walking your your girls in this costume, and turning heads in the party!

It’s really chic, mysterious and classy outfit idea for college.

Group Halloween Costumes For College

I really hope you found this post useful and found a great college Halloween costume to wear with your best friends.

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