21 Cute College Halloween Costumes You’ll Want to Steal for 2021

Halloween and the fun it brings is just amazing, especially if you are a college student. It’s not just a one day event but a complete weekend event for most of us!

I have collected the best college halloween costume ideas which you can recreate this halloween.

You don’t have to spend lots of money to have fun on halloween. All you need is bit of creativity!

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College Halloween Costumes 2021: Cute College Halloween Costumes for Girls

Check out these college girl halloween costumes which you can wear even with your girl gang.

1. Pirate Costume

Pirates are so fun! (Maybe it’s the obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean) But this pirate costume for Halloween is such a classy one.

This one could be a perfect last minute halloween costume and you may already have some pieces in your closet to get this pirate attire! Just check your closet and simply add a cute red bandana and you are ready to rock the halloween party as a sexy pirate!

2. Risky Business

Such a classy halloween costume to wear this year! It’s based off the Tom Cruise movie, Risky Business and it’s so perfect for the last minute hallloween costume idea!

You can recreate this look without spending much, you just need an oversized white shirt and tall socks and a pair of shades.

3. Caveman

Such a fun and thrilling costume to wear with your girlies! You just need everything cheetah print and some face paint!

4. Disney Princess Criminals

It’s a funny and creative halloween costume idea for college. You dress up like a disney princess and have the mugshot for whatever crime she committed. Such a cute group Halloween costume idea!

5. Lifeguard

This is inspired from Baywatch, and it’s surely going to get you the compliments.

If you want to make this even more edgy, ditch the shorts and wear the swimsuits with stockings!

6. The Aliens

This costume is so easy to pull together, and you can use this to recreate a last minute Halloween look with your bestie.

It’s out of the world cute halloween costume idea.

Just get some holographic tops, body glitter, skirts and the alien headband.

7. Holly Golighttly From Breakfast at Tiffany’s

If you are obsessed with this character than this halloween look is great for you.

All you need is a large buttondown as a mini dress and the classic face mask. So easy to recreate!

8. White Claw

Fun idea for a college Halloween costume: Almost everyone at college is obsessed with White Claw, so why not show your love for it this halloween and look ultra classy?

9. Legally Blonde

Do you love Legally Blonde? If yes, then this could be a fun character inspired Halloween costume to try in 2021.

You don’t need to do much for this costume and it’ll surely turn heads!

10. Mario and Luigi

I think this is the best halloween costume to wear with your best friend. If you both want to wear something similar while looking really hot, then this mario and luigi costume is the way to go.

11. Mime

This is a spooky look for halloween party. All you need is a stripped shirt, beret and makeup to get this stunning halloween look.

12. The Incredibles

These halloween costumes from the incredibles are so cute yet classy. They are sure to be a hit for last minute college halloween costume ideas.

13. Maid

Here’s a costume that can never get old and look extremely stunning.

All you need is a little black dress and lace apron for this look. Also, ad a feather duster to complete this classy halloween look.

14. Angels

Angel costumes can never be old. This one is especially cool if you friend wants to be the devil. Try this hot halloween look and turn heads this year!

15. Mean Girls

Your search ends if you have been looking for the perfect group costume for Halloween. Mean girls is such a vibe, and you can easily pull this look off with your girl gang.

Improvise if you want to add more edge and just wear anything pink and cute!

16. Mummy

Want a scary halloween costume? Then this mummy look is your find. It’s super easy to create and looks spooky and horror. You’ll also have fun while doing these DIY gauze wrappings.

17. Unicorn

Unicorns are always lovely! This unicron costume is great if you don’t want to go with a scary look but rather want something fun and cute,

17.School Girl

Getting dresses as a school girl is really a perfect last minute costume idea. You can already find these items in your closet or borrow from a friend.

18. SWAT Cop

SWAT officer look is so IN right now.

This look is one of my favorite one’s from this list. It’s so best, classy and hot for a college Halloween party.

19. Nun

This is another cool outfit for halloween, especially if you want to try something different. You can even make it spooky by wearing a long dress just like the creepy character in the movie, Nun.

Add some scary makeup and you will surely scare everyone at the party!

20. The Rocker

This rocker dress is a perfect for a night halloween party. Just find these clothes in your closet and pull this look with your bestie.

21. Fruit

Super easy costume for Halloween, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Just wear oversized tees and sneakers and diy these cute leaf hats. Ready for a fun and easy last-minute halloween costume.

Cute College Halloween Costumes for Girls

I hope you found the perfect College Halloween Costumes that can be recreated last minute. Try these and make sure to tag me on instagram, I would love to see!

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