The Ultimate College Morning Routine 2021 For Productive Day

Ultimate College morning routine

Making the best college morning routine is easier than most of us think. In this post, I am going to share my own productive college morning routine.

If you are struggling to have a perfect start to your day because you don’t know what to do, then this post will be of help to you.

I have found through the years that having a morning routine can make you more energized, happy and relaxed.

When I get up and get ready in a haste for the college, the whole day turns out to be a mess. And my mood becomes grumpy and I feel like I won’t get anything done.

I am sure most of us, college students have felt this way sometime in life and I believe most of us are looking to have a sort of control on how we start our day.

Whether you are living in your dorm or at your home, this college morning routine can be followed anywhere.

How to plan your easy college morning routine?

I will be sharing what I do as a college student and you can use these steps as a guide. You can add more steps or remove those that don’t suit you.

Or follow my routine as is to get started. It’s definitely your choice my friend.

Ultimate College Morning Routine

1. Plan The Night Before

This might not look like a part of your morning routine, but trust me this is the biggest step you can take towards making your next day super productive. I like to do little things at night so that I won’t be spending my morning time to figure these things.

I make sure to do these tasks the night before:

•             Plan my breakfast

•             Pick my college outfit

•             Pack my backpack (books and stationery that I’ll need for class)

Try doing these mini tasks the night before and you’ll find yourself more relaxed in the morning. Trust me; having these things sorted at night will help you in giving a smooth start to your morning routine.

2.  Wake Up Early

Getting up early when you have morning classes is super helpful in prepping the mind for the entire day. I wake up almost one and a half hour earlier to my first class.

This gives me ample time to follow my morning routine and keeps my mind calm. I just do not like the feeling of running late or hurrying up in the morning.

That’s why I get up earlier and have a calm, relaxed start to my day.

When you have classes later in the day, you can wake up later. Balancing your college life is a task is itself, so take it easy when you have your classes later in the day.

Waking up late can make you skip your breakfast or exercise and make you feel irritable the whole day.

That’s why I would recommend you to get up an hour early even if it’s difficult.

Sometimes, I finish my assignment in the morning just because I get up early. I also use this time to revise if I have a test coming up.

3. Drink Water

I keep my bottle near my bed and drink water after waking up.

Our body gets dehydrated through the night and drinking water as soon as you wake can help you in hydrating the body. I like to use a refillable bottle, which I bring to my class also and make sure to stay hydrated through the day.

4.  Make The Bed

Once I get up, I ensure that the bed is made. I feel a lot put together just because of this little habit of making my bed.

Some of my friends like to leave their beds and when they reach back to the dorm after a crazy day, they get annoyed because their bed looks so unorganized.

I never have to face this annoyance as I make my bed after I wake up.

Try this habit for a week and you’ll come back to thank me for this!

(I’ll love to know your feedback on this, as I have suggested this habit to many friends and all of them found it super useful)

5. Write Journal & Mediate

Depending on my mood, I would choose to do either of these or both.

When I feel like I need to relax my mind and body, I mediate for 5 or 10 minutes. Other days when I feel inspiration or a boost of motivation, I pick my journal and write my feelings.

Pro Tip:

I like keeping a separate section in my journal where I write only positive things or moments.

Whenever I feel upset, I read this “positive section” from my journal and it instantly changes my vibes into a very positive one.

6. Workout

I make a point to exercise just 10 minutes in the morning. Some of us may not like it, and I thought the same way.

But when I started doing this, I felt more energized throughout the day and even enjoyed all the classes. It also gives me a sense of peace that I am doing something for my body to keep in healthy.

Now, it’s not essential that you need to go the gym for working out. I simply watch a youtube video and get a quick 10-minute workout done. It is so easier this way than heading to the gym. As a college student with most classes in the morning its super tough for me, so I prefer quick workouts.

If you have the time and like gym, then please workout there.   

My favorite workouts are from Lucy Whindham Read, and Emi Wong. Their workouts are so easy to follow and can be done is limited space (dorm life, you know!) I recommend there workouts to every person I care about and one of them is you (my amazing blog reader)

7. Get Ready

Once I am done with the workout, I take a shower and get ready. I wear the college outfit that I picked the night before and put some makeup on. I just use some eyeliner and lipstick and that is all as I don’t like to doll up for a class.

8. Have Breakfast

After getting ready, I make my healthy breakfast. As a college student, I think you have limited options for heathy breakfast but I still put the effort into it because I love taking care of my body.

I just make a quick bowl of oatmeal with yogurt and peanut butter. Or a quick sandwich with tomatoes or avocadoes.

Sometimes I just make a smoothie with bananas, milk and peanut butter.

If you don’t like eating breakfast then I would recommend you to have something quick and healthy as it’s not easy to attend a class while your stomach is feeling super hungry.

9. Plan The Day/ Review Schedule

Based on the day of the week, I would make a to do list (if it’s an off day) or just review my classes for the day.

This step is necessary so that I know what things I will be doing as the day gets started. I use a small notepad for writing my to do list or the schedule for my college classes.

I just put it in my backpack and use it as a dairy for everything: writing assignments, projects or doubts I have or any useful ideas/ thoughts that cross my mind through the day.

I would recommend keeping a small diary for yourself where you can write anything you want.

As a college student, we have to attend classes, complete assignments, prepare for exams and maintain healthy friendships.

Amidst all this, we often forget important dates for submission, assignments etc.

That’s why I write all important things instantly in the diary and never forget important things.

You can even use apps for this if that’s convenient to you. I find a dairy more easy to use than apps.

That’s my simple college morning routine!

It’s a little difficult to set and follow a routine initially, but as you commit to it and do it one day at a time, you’ll be able to form a very productive college morning routine.

Save this post on pinterest for inspiration so that you can have a glance again. Also share with your college friends who want to make a perfect morning routine for college.